You can enter either your real name or you art name, although, if you usually use a pseudonym, we recommend you to use only this one.

Place and year of birth are not compulsory data. RADAR accepts applications from artists from any provenience and any age. 

Attaching your CV and providing a short statement about your work are useful steps to engage the jury. Although, they are not compulsory fields, if you want your work to speak for itself.

The basic application fee of € 40 allows the upload of 1 image only. It is possible to upload up to 15 images for an additional € 5 each.

Browse and upload your images up till the number selected in the application fee section. We accept the following extensions: jpg, jpeg, png. Please name the files with progressive numbers and indicate for each number its label (technique, size, etc) in the text space below.

Do you need to upload video-works? Please upload stills from the videos in the image section and the full link (e.g. Youtube, Vimeo) in the text box below.

Check again your form and make sure you have uploaded all your images before submitting the form. When you click on "Submit" a new window will be open to allow you to pay your application fee. Once completed the payment you fill see a Thank You message and receive a confirmation email. 

You will not be able to modify your information after that. 


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